Sinharaja as you already aware is a reserved rain forest, which has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO due to it’s uniqueness and abundance of bio diversity. If you are keen to be in the wilderness where the only sounds you hear is of nature and nature itself, You will find this, an ideal place to be. What better place to learn about a rain forest than being in one it self! The density of the forest makes it difficult to spot wild animals, But leopards, Elephants and deer roam in this jungle.

The best advice is, leave early, take the whole day out for the trip. Enjoy a trek in a leisurely manner until noon. Then Dip in a stream and cool your self. Find something to eat and spend the evening walking around.

Depending on the circumstances (weather, trekking) and your own expectations (Read Trip Adviser), you may enjoy this place or you might not, Let us give you some honest facts about the place and based on that decide your self to visit this place and if you do how to get the best out of it.

The journey to the place itself is fun, through the narrow winding country roads passing many tea and rubber plantations and water streams.

The starting place is the Kudawa Conservation Centre (KCC), where you can obtain a permit to enter the city. You can drive up to this place and park your vehicles. the nearest town is Waddagala, There are buses from Ratnapura to Waddagala frequently. it is approximately 50km. You can take a Three Wheeler from the town to KCC.

To learn about the forest, you must hire a good guide who can speak English and not prepared to rip you off, Knowing the charges before and applying some common sense, you will be able to get hold of a good guide,
We can recommend you few people that is guaranteed that you are not over charged.
The next step is how far you can walk inside the thick jungle, It rains most of the time and it is good to be soaked once in a while, When it is dry, it is humid, so take water and something to eat with you. Once in a while you can immerse yourself in a waterfall or a pool of water, so have a towel a swim short
When it is wet, leeches are everywhere, They are pretty harmless and the easiest way to get rid of them is a small piece of soap. Do not expect animals to be aware of your visit and parade themselves so you can get the shot that beat the best nature photographer in National geographic.

You will always see some animals, But do not expect to cover all of them. Do not expect huge scary animals, you would mostly spot lizards (monitor too), snakes(most of them are harmless), birds, monkeys, lots of butterflies, wild plants, insects and many more.

There is a short trail and a long trail. For a family, The short trail is recommended as little kids can get tired quite quickly.